About Eli

Eli Benik is a comic artist and illustrator living in Northern Colorado. He is the creator, author, and illustrator of the webcomics Kaptai and Non-Binary, No Big Deal. He created and published the coloring book, Dessert Dogs, and illustrated Pop Culture Classroom’s 5th issue of their Colorful History comics. His work has been featured on Teefury, and he has attended numerous conventions professionally since 2012 including C2E2, Wondercon, Denver Comic Con, ECCC, and more. Eli hosted his first panel at Denver Comic Con 2015 demonstrating his illustration techniques in Photoshop, and gave a live drawing demonstration for the charity Pop Culture Classroom at Denver Comic Con 2016. He was on the the Comic Creators panel at Cheyenne Comic Con 2016, and co-hosted the Women in Comics panel at FoCo Comic Con 2016. When he isn’t drawing, playing video games, or whining about fictional characters, you can probably find Eli attending a convention near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What conventions will you be attending?


This list will be updated as conventions are added/confirmed! If there is a convention I’m waitlisted for, or another convention you would like to see me at, please contact the coordinators for that convention!

What do you use to draw with?

When working traditionally, I favor a mechanical pencil with 0.9 lead, copic multiliner sp’s, and Copic markers. Digitally, I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Photoshop CS6.

Can you give me advice as an artist?

Practice your craft often! Every drawing you make will be better than the last, so always strive to continue improving. Don’t be afraid to use resources or references, or to ask for help or input. Be passionate and do what you enjoy, because your love will absolutely translate into your art.